Sample 1-
1 vs 1 is one of the available modes in PTD 2. You have to fight simulated battles by Professor Oak in the PokéMatrix with Pokémon bought from the coin rewards for completing the battles. After losing a battle you lose the Pokémon and items you bought and only keep the remainder of the coins.


Main article: 1v1 Mode/Rounds

Each round features a different trainer with different Pokémon and attacks.

Winning each round would receive experience for leveling Pokémon and money for Pokémon and items. After then, you would be directed to the main screen before entering next round. All Pokémon are healed.

Failing in each round would reset the round progress and clear all owned Pokémon. Any unused coins is kept.

After completing round 8, progress and Pokémon are reset while having 200 coins every time to start.

Purchase List


Pokémon Price Unlocked after
Caterpie 5 coins start
Weedle 5 coins start
Rattata 10 coins Level 1
Pidgey 10 coins Level 2
Spearow 10 coins Level 2
Nidoran F 10 coins Level 3
Nidoran M 10 coins Level 3
Pikachu 10 coins Level 3
Diglett 10 coins Level 4
Geodude 10 coins Level 5
Bulbasaur 10 coins Level 7
Jigglypuff 10 coins Level 8


Item Price Use Max. amount Unlocked after
Oran Berry 10 coins Heals 100HP.* 6 Level 1
Potion 10 coins Heals 200HP. 6 Level 1
Antidote 2 coins Heals poison. --- Level 2
Paralyz Heal 5 coins Heals paralysis. --- Level 3
Chilan Berry 100 coins Weakens enemy's Normal-type moves --- Level 8

*used only if pokemon has below 1/3 of maximum HP.

Experience System

Pokemons in this mode do not need to attack in battle to gain experience, rather a set amount of experience is given to you after each battle. This experience must be used to "purchase" the level ups similar to PTD1.

Experience required to reach each level :

lvl 6      87
lvl 7      151
lvl 8      240
lvl 9      358
lvl 10    510

The table shows the summary of all Pokémon learning moves/ evolving at different levels:

Pokémon Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Caterpie Evolves,
Weedle Evolves,
Fury Attack
Rattata Focus Energy Bite
Pidgey Gust
Spearow Fury Attack
Nidoran F Tail Whip Double Kick
Nidoran M Focus Energy Double Kick
Diglett Astonish
Geodude Rock Polish
Bulbasaur Leech Seed Vine Whip
Jigglypuff Pound