# 163 Hoothoot
163 large
163 normal side 163 normal 163 normal back
Normal-Type icon Flying-Type icon
lvl 110 move: Giga Blast
Base Stats
HP 60
Attack 30
Defense 30
Sp. Atk 36
Sp. Def 56
Speed 50
Keen Eye
Tinted Lens
162 normal 164 normal
Furret Noctowl

Hoothoot banner


It always stands on one foot. It changes feet  so fast, the movement can rarely be seen.

Hoothoot has an internal organ that senses and tracks the earth’s rotation. Using this special organ, this Pokémon begins hooting at precisely the same time every day. In addition, no matter what happens it keeps rhythm by precisely tilting its head in time. Some countries consider it to be a wise friend, versed in the world’s ways.


Route 29 (Night)

Buy for 1 SnD coin


Hoothoot Noctowl
163 normal lvl 20
164 normal


  • Insomnia: Prevents Pokemon from sleeping.
  • Keen Eye: Prevents other Pokemon from lowering accuracy.
  • Tinted Lens: Powers up "not very effective" moves.

Move Set

Level up (edit)
Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target
0 Tackle Normal-Type Physical move 50 1.2 100% Single
0 Growl Normal-Type Status move - 2.4 100% 100/15% Around
Lower target's Attack by 1.
May turn enemy around.
0 Foresight Normal-Type Status move - 2.4 Can't Miss Single
Cancels target's buffs in Evasiveness.
Enables Ghost pokemons be hit by Normal and Fighting moves.
5 Hypnosis Psychic-Type Status move - 2.4 60% Around
May cause target sleep.
9 Peck Flying-Type Physical move 35 1.2 100% Single
(No additional effects.)
13 Uproar Normal-Type Special move 90 1.8 100% Single
Wakes up all slept pokemon in battlefield.
17 Reflect Psychic-Type Status move - 60 5.4 % Ally
Reduces Physical Attack damages by half.
21 Confusion Psychic-Type Special move 50 1.2 100% Single
May confuse target.
25 Echoed Voice Normal-Type Special move 40 1.2 100% Single
Power increases by 40 for every consecutive successful hit (up to 200), or else power resets.
29 Take Down Normal-Type Physical move 90 1.2 85% 25% Single
It also damages the user a little.
33 Air Slash Flying-Type Special move 75 1.2 95% 30% Single
May cause target flinch.
37 Zen Headbutt Psychic-Type Physical move 80 1.2 90% 20% Single
May cause target flinch.
41 Synchronoise Psychic-Type Special move 70 2.4 100% All
Attacks target and ally of the same type.
45 Extrasensory Psychic-Type Special move 80 1.2 100% Single
May cause target flinch.
49 Psycho Shift Psychic-Type Status move - 100%2 90% Single
Transfers user's status problem to target.
53 Roost Flying-Type Status move - 100%3 Always Self
Heals user 50% of max HP in 5 parts within 5 game ticks.
57 Dream Eater Psychic-Type Special move 100 1.2 100% Single
Heals user of 1/2 damage dealt. Enemy must be in sleep.


TM / HM moves (edit)
Double Team
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power
Sunny Day
Rain Dance

Damage Taken

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