Previously, Sam would release a species of Regular,Shiny,or Shadow Pokemon available for collection every week or every other week. Currently, he is no longer releasing Pokemon for PTD2.

To collect, you should get a mystery code for that specific Pokemon. The code can be found from the Mystery Gift page on Sam's website. Once you have the code, play the game from Sam's website and redeem the code.

If you have a Trainer Pass, whenever there is a new mystery gift Pokemon, you will get 2 of that mystery gift pokemon as a shiny in your Pokemon Center pickup.

There is an equal chance to get male and female (unless genderless) Pokemon. And for limited redeems, a couple is awarded.

When the mystery hunt activity of certain Pokemon is over, you cannot get the Pokemon using the code.

Note the following Pokemon are gifted by making donations:

Present Codes

Pokémon Code

Limited Redeem

183 normal Marill pikablu
653 normal Fennekin fennecfx
656 normal Froakie frogfoam
650 normal Chespin chinkapi
692 normal Clauncher canoncla
225 normal Delibird givegift
698 normal Amaura bracimon
696 normalTyrunt dinosmon
677 normal Espurr nyaspers
679 normal Honedge swordedg
704 normal Goomy nuranura
714 normal Noibat noisebat
688 normal Binacle kametete
669 normal Flabébé babyflwr
664 normal Scatterbug kfkmushi
661 normal Fletchling yayakoma
710 normal Pumpkaboo hallween
712 normal Bergmite kachkoru
701 normal Hawlucha luchlibr
694 normal Helioptile sunreptl
708 normal Phantump ghostump
674 normal Pancham champpan
690 normal Skrelp kelpscrp
659 normal Bunnelby tunnbunn
672 normal Skiddo gotmobil
707 normal Klefki stealkey
676 normal Furfrou fancydog
703 normal Carbink rarerock
702 normal Dedenne mousante
682 normal Spritzee ncesprai
684 normal Swirlix cottcand
686 normal Inkay finalink

Past Codes

Unlimited Redeem Limited Redeem