Zai is the only girl walking on Route 29. If you talk to her, she will ask for help and you will have to try and beat an army of wild Pokémon. The level is easier during the day (more waves at night), and if you win at a certain time you will get a special prize.

She helps you healing your Pokémon in Route 29 and Cherrygrove City.

Her character is a Lass in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum


Prize List for helping her on Route 29

  • Morning: No Pokémon given
  • Day: Shadow Pidgey
  • Night: Shadow Hoppip


  • When the player talks to Zai in Route 29, she constantly refers to the player as "Bunny".
  • Sam revealed during a livestream that Zai is based on Sam's soon to be wife, and that "Bunny" is the pet name that they use for one another.